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We are a receptive travel operator, legally constituted in Cusco city, Peru. We design several tour packages and propose unforgettable experiences. Thinking about the needs and expectations of our customers, we guarantee the quality of our services and offer more than you can expect from a travel agency.

Machu Picchu Explorer offers the best itineraries and travel packages to Machu Picchu with the best value for money. We do not only sell Packages but perform authentic experiences in the ancient land of the Incas. Choose your package with the best hotels in Peru, restaurants and services that will make your trip a great experience.


Not only plan packages, but accomplish AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE that seeks to overcome the expectations of our customers. We offer the best options in hotels, restaurants and other services that will make your trip an unforgettable journey.

In our tours you’ll visit several tourist attractions, from the coast to the highlands. The great cuisine recognized internationally, the friendliness of our people and the historical wealth inherited by the Incas and many other native people, which makes of Peru a unique destination.


We aim to become the best receptive travel agency Cusco, focused in satisfying our customers’ expectations, improving the lives of our community, our people and preserve our cultural inheritance.

What makes us different?

We are travel specialists in one destination, PERU. Our tours are performed according to your availability and expectations.

We are very knowledgeable of our country, as well as the profile of our customers and their expectations. This has motivated us to develop a new conception that allows our customers to live real and authentic experiences.

Because we are travelers as well, our experiences around the world have shown us that travelling make us free, and contributes to our personal development. We know very well what you expect from a trip and that’s our real purpose.

We are a local tour company which allows us to make sure that all services hired are properly provided, as well as to react quickly to sudden events that might show up during your trip. Finally, we work directly with all providers which helps us to offer you the best rates for your travel package.

Our values


Our customers can fully rely on our services. All that we look for is the satisfaction of our customers.


Our team is committed to your travel project. We guarantee safety and comfort in all our services, there will always be someone to assist you in every period of your trip.


One of the most important requirements in tourism is punctuality, which Machu Picchu Explorer offers to our customers. From the very first contact until the end of your trip. 

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